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This is the code I am getting on my 97 from an auto parts store. The big suggestion is to replace the Mas Airflow sensor but then a worker cautioned because there are many reasons why I could get a Lean message (on Bank 1). I replaced the MAS Airflow sensor 2 years ago with one that had a 1 year warranty. It looks very clean, but what is with those little wires on it like an old light bulb? Could they be broken? I can switch that sensor, or I can take it in for troubleshooting. I am not mechanical, just have a thunderbird and can only do minimal work myself

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I always start like this:

Open google, and type "p0171 code" witout the quotes in the search box.

This is the first page:

About 101 results (0.25 seconds)

Code P0171 and P0174 - TCCoA Forums
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I have a 94 Courgar with a 4.6 and had the check engine light come on. I pulled the codes and Po171 and P0174 came up which are system to ...
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Just a little confused. Went to Autozone to get a check engine light read and the two codes returned were P0171 & P0174. The guy suggested I.
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May 12, 2016 - 4 posts - ‎2 authors

All seemed well until a little after 200 miles the CEL came back on again, only this time it had codes for bank 1 lean and rich (P0171 and ...
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Codes P0171 & P0174 indicate that the system has detected a lean running condition. It flags the code when the system runs lean after a ...
P0171 p0175 rough idle - TCCoA Forums

Feb 5, 2011 - 11 posts - ‎5 authors

I got these codes today, P0172 P0175. It basically means that both banks are at their adaptive lean limit (no more fuel can be removed).
p0171 - TCCoA Forums
Mar 12, 2010 - 27 posts - ‎8 authors

i need a lesson in using search because i know i read up on this issue but i can't find it. Basically if i drive my bird hard i get this code (running.
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DTC for which Freeze Frame was Stored P0171 .... Ok, So I Am Still Getting The P1131 Code And The Car Is Getting Terrible Terrible Gas ...
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Apr 26, 2015 - 19 posts - ‎6 authors

SGII reads codes when CEL comes on, always those three (P0102, P0171, ... P0171 & P0174 are system too lean on Bank 1 and Bank 2 ...
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Feb 18, 2014 - 16 posts - ‎3 authors

His scanner also picked up p0171 code and also pinpointed that oil dipstick was loose and I know that tranny fluid dipstick wasnt put in all the ...
1998 Ford Expedition. Code P0171 - TCCoA Forums
May 14, 2004 - 2 posts - ‎2 authors

If you read thru all that, you will find the most common thing is a vacuum leak.

Likely all your vacuum hoses are rotted, or your manifold gaskets have gone bad, that's fairly common.

Your o2 sensors are probably bad, as they're 20+ years old, so if you want to list everything you've already done to the car, that will save a lot of time.

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I was getting that exact code when the air intake temp sensor would fall of a K&N air filter.
You mean leaving a 3/8" hole in the inlet tube for unmetered air? :)

Yup, that'll do it.
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