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96 cougar 4.6L

-CEL P0743
-Long shift from 1st to 2nd (2000-2400 RPMs)
-Trans spit fluid from vent onto exhaust one time
-only 16,000 miles on transmission and TC (rebuilt unit)

The CEL came on with a P0743 code. Transmission OD light will sometimes flash also. Also a bad smell and some smoke came from under the passenger front area of car last week.

Mechanic told me the torque converter was slipping and was causing the fluid to overheat and spit out of the vent onto the exhaust pipes causing the bad smell and the smoke. This has only happened one time before but not as severe as this time.

At this point i'm unsure what to do....I was told i needed a new trans from one shop and another shop said that the problem is in the transmission wiring somewhere and that the trans is probably OK and not damaged.


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When the OD light flashes, that is it's way of telling you something is wrong with it.

The code that was generated is transmission related.

I would have the TCC solenoid checked.

Here's a copy and paste from the 96 Service manual.

Note that TCC is short for Torque Converter Clutch

Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) P0741, P0743 indicates TCC electrical malfunction.DTC P1727, P1754 indicates CCS electrical malfunction. DTC P1788 indicates 3-2T/CCS circuit open. P1789 indicates 3-2 T/CCS circuit shorted. DTC P0746 indicates EPC solenoid malfunction. DTC P1746 indicates EPC circuit open. DTC P1747 indicates EPC circuit shorted. DTC P1749 indicates EPC solenoid failed low.

Possible causes:

-- Internal Transmission.

-- Damaged Solenoid.

-- Solenoid circuit open or shorted to VPWR or GND. VPWR circuit open or shorted.

-- Damaged PCM.

l Key off.

l Disconnect transmission vehicle harness connector. Inspect for damaged or pushed out pins, corrosion, loose wires, etc. Service as necessary.

l Connect DVOM between the VPWR pins and the suspect solenoid pin.

l Scan Tool connected.

l Key on, engine off.

l Enter Output Test Mode. (Refer to «Section 2A».)

l Cycle the suspect solenoid on and off.

l Does the voltmeter reading cycle?

REFER to Service Manual, Transmission Diagnosis.

GO to «TC6».
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