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To anyone who could help, I need some assistance with finding my paint code. I have an appointment next weekend to get the following work done...

- full rust removal from all underbody parts.
- warranted underbody coating to keep the MN/WI road salt and snow from hurting the car.
- remove all body panel rust found by grinding off or cutting out and welding on hand shaped panels if there is anything major.
- prime, paint, clear coat and protect any body work done.
- 3M Clear Bra paint protector film applied to all body edges and lower 1/4 of body.

I did find a website called AeroCats and emailed them, they have tons of info on the Cougars! Their website didn't list Special Edition colors (which mine is, Deep Iris Clear Coat Metallic) and after they emailed me back they said my code should be GC. Can anyone confirm this? Looking it up, I find GC is a Ford color for 1994, but it's just titled Iris. I want to know if there is a difference between my color and the basic Iris color or not.

The guy doing my body work is not familiar with some codes because they mainly do custom paint jobs at their location, or touch up the basics like white, black, red, blue, etc. I can't get this work done unless I find out my code, so thanks for any help you guys can provide, it is much appreciated! :)
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