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Painting advice

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hey all, to any of you helpfull posters. What's the best grit sandpaper to sand down a hood with? then i need to Bondo, so its a long day ahead of me. I have many electric sanders but have only used them on wood and other surfaces (not-metal). So is it safe to use one of these power-sanders on my hood?
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80 or 120 before bondo. after it sets up, block it flat with 180. i would do the whole thing by hand, with a flat block or piece of wood if i was you. its the only way youre gonna get it flat. your electric sander will do, but it will create waves.

i guess thats the short version. ill elaborate if youd like. just dont walk away from it until you have it flat and in primer. and if you plan on leaving it in primer longer than 24 hours, DO NOT USE RATTLECAN PRIMER. hope i made that clear.
First off what is wrong with the hood? If the stock paint is in good shape i.e. is not peeling flaking or chiping.Then use wax and grease remover on hood. Then sand with 400 wet paper. Then sandfix the hood rinse with water to remove the sandfix. Then let dry then tack of with tack cloth. Then mask off if still on car. Then you are ready to paint. If doing body work I.e. small dent's clean hood and then wax and grease it. Then da the area's around the dent's to bare metal with 36 grit paper or body file. ruff out the dent's with a body hammer and dolly. After you get most of the dent's out use lite skim coat's of plastic to finish filling the dent's. you evercoat brand plastic not bondo. Sand with 36 grit to nock off the ruff spot's on the plastic. Then go back over with 80 grit. repeat these 3 step until plastic is even with no waves in the filler and feather edged. Then hit it up with a 180 grit very light sanding to get rid of sand scratches. Then you are ready for a good primer that fills the 180 scrathes. Most likely a min of 3 coat's with sanding of 400 grit between each coat. Use guidecoat to help to find the high and low spot's in the primer. After you do all this lay down a sealer coat then your ready for base and clear. any question's
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The originial hood on my bird is damaged and not reusable. But i have picked up a used hood from the junkyard, and i am trying to sand/return to stock condition this hood and soon later send it off to get painted with the rest of the car. Bondo seemed to work for me while I was filling the holes left by my emblems on the back of the car, The sanding is also due to certain rust spots left on this hood. Thanks for the input yall, my last question is, at this point all I have is the rattle can primer and dont plan to use it on this hood, wat are my other options? Looks like i should get to that sanding huh?
If your asking what kind of sandpaper, then you need to take it to a body shop.

Seriously, you aren't going to get good results.
dont get to sanding until you have some sort of 2k primer, one with a hardner you add, mix then spray from a spray gun. you never said just why you need filler. is it dented up?
JustinH said:
If your asking what kind of sandpaper, then you need to take it to a body shop.

Seriously, you aren't going to get good results.

I'm not asking what kind, just the grit. Never hurts to ask questions. This isn't the first car i've painted body pieces on & not everybody has the cash for a body shop.

(edit) I need the filler due to a hole in the hood, not too big. But coming from a junkyard nothings quite perfect.
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