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I am parting out my 94 Mark. I am keeping the engine and transmission. Located in Tabernacle NJ 08088 in Burlington County.

Please let me know what you need and include your zip code and whether your address Is residential or a business.

I will be taking requests for only 1-2 weeks, then I will remove items I'm willing to store and scrap the car. If you want the whole car minus engine,trans, please let me know.

Here's a list of items of some of the items I'm selling. Prices do NOT include shipping.

Right fender $50
Both doors - with or w/o glass, etc
Windshield, door glass, quarter windows, rear window, sunroof
Trunk lid $100
Tail lights $25 ea
Rear bumper cover $150
Front bumper cover - I need to confirm condition and is usable
3 honeycomb wheels
Switches, interior pieces, contact me with your needs

Other sheet metal, etc: willing to remove and sell quarter panels, rockers, any sheet metal That can be removed/cut off

left fender
Hood, grille, left headlight, corner light

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The little metal springy tab on the fuel filler door, I need one of those, if yours is in good shape. :)

What color code is the interior? Want to make sure "beige" is the same as my "beige" before I ask for any other bits.
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