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A couple things i dont need anymore

1. DI/DO 2.5'' magnaflow x-pipe muffler

$85.00 shipped

2. Mustang gt pbr dual piston calipers,I think they came off an 03 i bought them used and painted them blue. There is however one problem (cosmetically) with one. Whenever we put the brakes on a friend of mine had forgotten to tighten down one of the caliper bracket bolts and it came out while driving and the caliper hit the wheel and shaved a small section of the finned parts on top off (i will get better pictures tomorrow if anyone is interested,they're still on the car) Also worth a mention since they have been on an mn-12 already,they are already shaved down in the correct spots to clear the spindle and for the hose to bolt up correctly.

$80.00 shipped

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