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Exactly one year ago I was here trying to figure out an issue that apparently has struck again.

Ever since that time, I left the car as is meaning I didn't bother reinstalling anything. While I had other issues, especially with the power steering, the car ran fine until I almost made it home from work Saturday night. Like it did last year on the way to get new tires, the car would momentarily cut out but come back. It did it 2 or 3 times and was running rough when I got home. It was too cold and dark to do anything right away but the next day I was once again greeted by a car that will crank but not start. Just like before the fuel pump runs beyond priming and I suppose the engine fan would be running too if I didn't have an issue with its wiring, (bad ground I believe but with the weather I wasn't too worried). This time around I thought I knew what I had to do.

So, I pulled the engine harness out as best as I could without unplugging it from the transmission and checked for any further damaged wires beyond the wires going to the DPFE which were still bad but weren't causing any issue. All I could see was that the main bundle was too close to the EGR valve and the wires to the CPS were bare 1/4 inch from the pigtail and probably touching. The insulation to a few wires was barely melted by the EGR valve so most of my work was with the DPFE wires and making sure the wires were all better protected. I really thought that was going to do the trick but there was no change other than my radio working again after 2 weeks of no sound.:rolleyes:

I'm not sure if anyone else here has had any issue like mine but I'm hoping maybe there's a particular wire that commonly shorts and I could cross it off my list. I've tried testing the wiring to and from the PCM but I don't have the fine needle like leads for a multimeter that will let me check it with the PCM plugged in. I suppose I could just expose each wire but I'd rather not go that route seeing as how exposed wiring is an issue already. I'm curious if the wiring for the engine fan could be sending current to the CCRM that then sends it to the PCM but I'm not sure if that is physically possible. Sounds plausible so I'll check that again tomorrow probably by replacing the cracked and melted fan pigtail with female spade connectors and a more direct ground wire.

Seeing that I need a car for my job I will go ahead and try to get me another car tomorrow. This car has a title loan on it so I'll have them tow it away before I spend big bucks for a shop to find the short. Chances are good that I'll still be stuck with the car but with enough time I'll figure this out. Thanks to anyone who tries to help!
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