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Hi all,

My 1997 4.6L T-Bird has 82,000 miles now, and I'm not sure if the PVC valve has ever been changed., so I thought of getting this done, although to my very limited mechanical knowledge, there are no symptoms of any kind.

How often should the PCV valve be changed, normally?
and how much does it cost, if any of you've already done this?

Thanks in advance.

PS/ By the way, today I got this outrageous price quote from a Ford delaer: AWSF-32PP plugs: $ 80,
original Motorcraft wires: $ 160,
labour to change plugs/wires: $200 !!!!


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The PCV valve should be changed at around the 30,000 to 35,000 mile mark, in my opinion. Some may recommend 50,000.

The PCV valve can be purchased at local part suppliers, like AutoZone, for under $10.

You are right, those prices are outrageous.

There are many deals to be found thru this web-site !!

EDIT: Hi Nishan, didn't realize it was you when I posted............
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