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PI 9.5 stallion questions

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I'm seriously considering buying a Precision 9.5 Stallion converter to put on a 95 Cougar 4.6L. The FAQ's says that the stall speed should be about 700 rpms before the peak torque. What is the peak torque and what stall speed do you suggest? I've ordered 3.73 gears already, but I'm also considering the Transgo kit. The car is basically stock now except for the air filter and I'm running 0-60 in about 9 seconds. What is the quarter mile time for my car stock? The car has 75,000 miles and has the original transmission in it. I'm also thinking that I should invest in a rebuilt 96-97 tranny and hold off on the shift kit. What do you guys think? Oh and one more question, how hard is it to install the Transgo kit if you have experience with Chevy transmissions?
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i just got done putting on 3.73 gears pi 9.5 3000 rpm converter and the same transgo shift kit. the gears will work great with the converter. the shift kit is very nice but i hadnt heard of the j-mod either when i did it. i called pi and they ask you lots of question which helps them make a converter exactly to the performance you desire. few words of advice since i screwed up when doing this. get a traction lock differential....get a dennis chip if you want to race. the shift points will be way to high otherwise. and when transgo says full race on their kit they mean it. i cant give any advice on the transmission since i dont know much about them but mine has taken quite a bit of abuse. My 95 4.6 ran 16.5 in the quarter mile with crappy tires launching at 1200 rpm. well have fun and let us know how it goes
16.5 stock?

is that 16.5 quarter mile stock or with all your mods??

thats stock with bald tires I havent run the 1/4 mile yet due to the fact that ive only put 50 miles on my car since the mods. ill get back to you later on the 1/4 time when i put some more miles on those gears. but i may have a chip and exhaust then too:D
My 95 4.6L TBird runs [email protected] And thats under horrible conditions. I'm stock all the way down to still having my stock 3.27 Trac-Loc and violin case. You can look in the technical articles under transmissions and read the article Transmissions 101. Go through there and you'll see how to make your own shift kit, thats much better than transgo or B&M or whatever.

Something else that cmes widely recommended is to use the torque converter and flexplate for a Lincoln Mark VIII. Its an 11" converter that stalls in the 2200-2600 range, i THINK, i'm not suer about the stall speed. I do know that it doesn't balloon until about 6Krpms.

also probably a lot cheaper. FYI pi torque converters cost around 853 dollars shipped. thats a lot of cash. they are slightly better than mark 8 torque converters though..... stall wise and how much horsepower they can handle probably lighter 2 which helps performance. if money is an issue get the mark 8 converter. just make sure its new and you will need its flexplate also.
Dan Newman at 5 Star Ford can hook you up with a MK VIII TC and flywheel for around $200 brand new.
Should I just get a Mark VIII TC and flywheel or should I just get the PI?
I think I am going to get the mark VIII........I have $1500 to spend and I want to spend it wisely..... You know get the most poweriI can out of the money I have.
Well, you should be able to do a fair bit with $150o. Have you considered doing the driveshaft for a 93 Mark VIII, as well as doing the tranny mod i mentioned. Then get an 02 GT MAF and a Dennis chip and you should be pleasantly surprised with the results. ;)
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