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PI engine build underway

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So my son wants to step up the green 97 Bird. Last week we dropped off the heads, block, crank, rods and pistons at the machine shop. I was able to get a motor out of a 2004 P71 Crown Vic.
Today a Stage 2 set of PI cams from Modular Head Shop arrived. This should be fun.
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I wonder if you got the motor from our old '04 CVPI. It had 99k on it, and didn't burn a drop of oil. Probably a long shot as we're in NC.

Geico last owned it, and I had some sketchy person leave me a message asking if I had the title. No, I don't have the title, that goes with the car when you "sell" it. I never understood that call. I'm sure they just got it for parts.

1 - 1 of 167 Posts