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On a 4V that’s actually true, any cam or LSA that’s producing lope on a 4V is just dumping hydrocarbons and compression. You want overlap and it’s lopey side effect on a 2V (any 2V, OHC, pushrod etc) so the exhaust draws the in air fuel charge through the small shrouded valve openings while both valves are open, that’s why longtube headers are desirable as they’ll increase scavenging and draw the most of the intake charge into the cylinder. On a 4V that’s a mostly moot point, as there is little to no cylinder shrouding with the two intake valves, the intake charge doesn’t have to overcome that restriction and consequently not many aftermarket cams for them produce much of lope unless they were degreed that way by the builder(and are likely leaving power on the table if it’s pronounced).
Learned that from Todd Warren years ago.
Sorry supergordo for the hijack.
Your car looks great, nice job!
121 - 122 of 122 Posts