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Pi intake Q's

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I have a line on a pi intake from a friend with some good camshafts. My question is i have a 95 4.6 i think this is for a 96 - up 4.6 would it still work i know i would have to get 96 up heads right? Now is there a pi intake that would fit my 95 and if so would i need to change heads to pi also or can i keep my stock heads for now as i have no funds for pi heads at the moment. If i can keep my stock heads with pi intake i can swap out the cam's for a better set with stock heads? Sorry for the long and dumb Q's but i really would like to know.
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Most aftermarket cams and PI cams can't be used in the pre 96 nPI heads or so it seems. Intake will be fine, but for the PI intake you need way more than the intake and a few things like the 96+ cars, like fuel rails, the fuel line to the filter, and the intake like Johnny mentions. Basically you need to convert the fuel and air system to 96/97 Thunderbird setup, the wires in the bundle you need to deal with, maybe EGR, I looked into it when I was shopping for a new car to replace the 89, so I got a 97 instead (well, I was looking for a Mark VIII) because I known what would be happening around the miles they would have and the clogged EGR passages among other things.
PI intake has a bigger plenum that is under it all and fills up more of the valley, I don't think it would be a problem on a 95, it fits just fine in my 97, but I didn't go from the all aluminum setup to it, but from the NPI composite intake.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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