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Part 2....entire thing is too long. If anyone wants the full version in Word LMK


Now, run the vacuum lines that you obtained from a 96/7 from the upper plenum to the vacuum regulator, fuel pressure regulator, and the EGR valve. The vacuum lines will plug into the outlet furthest to the passenger side of the upper plenum on the front. There is also a line that goes from the rear of the upper plenum to the emissions canister tube located on the shock tower of the passenger side. If you do not have this tube, you can simply use a piece of hose from your local parts store.

Next, install your PCV lines. The one from the driver side will plug into the intake tube, so you may want to wait on this if you want. The passenger side PCV tube will run into the outlet on the front of the upper plenum, furthest to the bottom and the driver side. The IAC tube will go from the IAC valve to the IAC inlet valve (square black box that makes a 90* angle) and to the intake tube. The other outlet on the upper plenum will go to your brakes. You will need a length of hose here as well. Three feet should be plenty.

Now, reinstall your alternator. You will need a different bracket. Two of the bolts will work, but you will need a longer third. You will need the PI bracket for this to work.

Once you have all these items reinstalled, place the intake tube on. The IAC tube will go to the front of the tube and the PCV tube will go to the rear. You will need to get a 96/7 throttle cable as well. Change this out now. As for the cruise control cable, simply take a sharp object (knife) and cut the end of the plastic part off (the red tip). You will need to cut it right up to where it connects to the throttle body. Hook these up to the throttle body and secure them with the cable bracket (96/7) and spring. Make sure you have all other electrical connections placed together correctly, reconnect your battery, and refill the coolant.

Now start the car and check for leaks. You may have to rev the motor a bit to build pressure and get out any air from the coolant. If you notice the coolant level dropping significantly, shut it off and search for a leak. If none is found, refill and try again. Next, take it out for a drive.

I will be posting a list of parts and part numbers within the next few days. Keep in mind that this is also just a rough draft, so if anyone has any corrections, feel free to let me know. I will be looking it over and looking for areas of improvement to make this go as smooth as possible for you guys.
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