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i picked up an 02 explorer motor 2 days ago and taking it off the bed of my truck the chain snaped the pcv valve off and broke the housing section connecting to the valve cover. would the valve cover from my original 4.6 (95 lx) fit even though theres a difference in the heads?

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I'm in the middle of doing the swap myself. Maybe this list of what you need will help.

96/97 tbird or cougar parts:
fuel rails with FPR
throttle cable
throttle cable bracket (can make 02 one work, but is only $8)
forward fuel lines (from fuel filter forward)
EGR tube (do not need if explorer has one)

PI specific parts:
Updated PI intake (optional, can use explorer)
Alternator bracket 1w7e-10153-ea (or can make yours work)
intake gaskets
oil filter/lower rad hose housing gasket
t-stat housing o-ring

parts for 95:
front cover gaskets (3 parts)
front cover crank seal
valve cover gaskets
oil pan gasket
fuel injector o-rings

will reuse from 95:
front cover
valve covers
oil pan
oil pick-up tube
coil packs, plugs and wires
fuel injectors
A/C compressor
PS pump
oil filer adapter

If you do a search, you can find many threads with pics and other advice/options.

Hope this helps.

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On the oil adapter, make sure you use the gasket that came with the 02 exploder, cause if you use the one from the 95, it will leak, trust me. Here is a pic

Look at the difference between both of them, there is a large gap
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