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OK, will someone explain how in the world moving the rear upper A-arm's upper mounting point will in any way change the driveshaft pinion angle. :mad:

I'm looking at the 1994 T'Bird OEM service manual (hardcopy and on CD) and it goes into detail about "installing service upper control arms equipped with cams. Adjust the pinion angle as follows. Blah, blah, blah..."

Are they smoking something?!?!?!

Four big honking bolts and nuts with bushings bolt the differential to the rear frame. :mad:

If you adjust the location for the upper A-arms you’ll only change the rear camber, nothing else.

Someone care to enlighten me. :mad:

I really think this section is describing the 4 link system in a solid axle vehicle where you change the position of the upper A-arms to change the pinion angle. :thumbsup:

Or am I just missing something (which wouldn't be the first time :leftright ). :2huh:
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