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Play in AOD output shaft

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While underneath my car I noticed that there was some play at the connection between the driveshaft and the transmission. I also noticed that the rear main seal of the transmission was leaking a little, so I thought I'd put in a new rear main seal,. After I got the old one out, I realized that the seal didnt support the output shaft and even with a new seal installed there was still alot of play in the output shaft.

So my question is... What the heck is wrong with my transmission and is it worth fixing?

91 5.0
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Check your Extention housing bolts.
My 4r70w had play in the output shaft when I changed the rear seal. It turned out the extention housing was half a turn loose on all the bolts.
Yours could be bearings also tho. but tightening some bolts is easy to check.
Dont over tighten them tho just check em to see if they are loose.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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