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***New Marketplace posting policy as of January 8, 2011***

New members will not be able to start new threads in the following forums:

Group Purchases, Parts For Sale, Cars For Sale and Misc For Sale forums until they have been a forum member for 30 Days and have AT LEAST 50 posts. Please read: "Why Wait? The 30 Day 50 Post Requirement" for details.

Post only products that are avalible NOW.


For Sale posts need to be Thunderbird, Cougar or Mark VII / VIII related or somehow related to the TCCoA website.

This means only posts with parts for sale for a MN12/FN10/Fox or tools/supplies related to working on them.


Since this site and club is mostly computer-centered, we will also allow the sale of computer hardware. Just don't abuse this allowance and make us ban computer stuff too. So please no ads for items like home stereos or paintball guns etc. If you post such ads they will be removed.


Please only post links to YOUR OWN eBay auctions in the For Sale Forum. If you are the seller and you are posting a link to your item on eBay, you must provide a link to the item or a link to all your auctions on the eBay website.

As with all posts on the TCCoA, your For Sale ads are subject to moderator discretion. Moderators may or may not inform you prior to deleting inappropriate threads or posts.

Caveat Emptor - BUYER BEWARE

TCCoA makes every effort to screen members to avoid spammers and fly-by-night sellers.

TCCoA will not be held responsible for any transactions that may not work out for whatever reason.
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Not open for further replies.