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For ALL Authors , Information Contributors, and "Discussion " Contributors.......

I've pretty much sat back and watched as SW's new forum has evolved.
I'm really quite impressed with some of the quality I've seen. The overall
helpful and cooperative attiitude displayed in this forum is very heartening
to see, to say the least.

As the threads have grown it has become increasingly clear that some form
of "house cleaning", on an ongoing basis, will be needed to keep this forum
from becoming too unweildy.

So, here is what I plan to do:


I'll try and go through the posts say, Wednesday and Sunday in the later
evenings and delete as much of the discussion and info posts as I can...
I will assume that you have moved, copied, or cut and pasted, what you
wanted prior to my "clean up" twice a week.

This forum was/is envisioned as an active area for authors to work on their
material. The help provided by others in terms of information, or explanation
of possible mistakes, is incredibly helpful and valuable.

BUT - we need to keep this area as streamlined as possible..........even to
eliminating threads that aren't being very well posted to (nothing personal)
just maybe at another time that particular subject matter may be of more

AUGUST 3rd....approximately three days from the time of this posting.


I want to thank you for the help and information you have so generously
provided, so far, to our stated above, your help is invaluable.
So PLEASE do not take offense when I delete most of that material twice a the authors should have copied it to where they need it. This
deletion process IS NOTHING is going to be applied to ALL
posts that are not directly Author related, so PLEASE understand the temporal
nature of posts on this Forum, up front, so it won't come as a surprise that it's
gone a few days later...If it is an unusually desirable display of information
PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR and save it yourself, so when Murphy's Law comes
into play (which it inevitably will, from time to time) the excellence of your
information is not lost.

IN CLOSING: TO all members......PLEASE understand that this is a Writer's
forum. It would be very helpful if the discussions and contributions to the
Authors was kept on subject and as reasonably succinct as possible.

I fully respect the rights of all to voice their feelings and opinons on a large
variety of subjects, but I respectfully request that opinon pieces, general
TCCoA site discussions, flames, gossip, opinions, etc, etc...please be posted
to other (appropriate) Forums.

In closing...I want to thank EVERYONE again for their support in this project......
if you have any ideas, thoughts, praises, criticisms that you would like to voice to
or at me...please feel free to email me..I'm easy to reach

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Thanks Gordon. I was hoping this would work out this way. :) Great job!

Keep it up!
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