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hey all,
What exactly is done when you get the heads "ported". I am under the impression that the exhaust manifold openings are enlarged and smoothed some. Am I correct.


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no, the exhaust port on the single-port v6 head is more than large enough for its own good already. The really expensive heads actually get welded and have material added to the exhaust port floor to make it smaller and make for a smoother better flowing port. What all is involved, depending on the amount of work done, is

-grinding and sand rolling the intake and exhaust ports to remove ridges, casting flashes, and smooth out short turns.
-3 to 5 angle valve job on the valve seats
-opening and blending the bowls to the seats and ports
-rounding the sharp edged turn in the exhaust port right after the bowl.
-gasket matching the intake ports
-machining the valve seats open for larger valves

The most pointless thing you could do would be to open up the end of the exhaust port, the exhaust ports are huge.

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