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Hi guy's this is my first post here at the TCCOA, some of you may know of me as a somewhat reg at the SCCOA.
I've been talking with Cometic gasket co. about the possability of making HG's for the 3.8 Ford engine. I have a thread that I started in an effort to gauge interest levels for this product. Please use the link I'm providing and participate in the discussion. The possability of this happening is very good, but I and the 3.8 community need you help. Please check it out.

Here is the link to the poll I posted. Please stop by there and vote AFTER you have read the above thread because that is where I'm gathering the #'s I need to turn into Cometic so that they can make there decission as to make the gaskets or not.

I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter.
Thank you. :)

EDIT: We now have 1 of Cometic's factory reps on the board to help field qeustions and concerns, so please come on over and participate in the discussion.
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