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possible fix for seats?

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during my trips to the junkyard, ill see a bird with the same tweed seats as my 93 with driver seat all ripped up, but the passenger seat is near perfect. has anyone taken apart a passenger seat and swapped the cover and foam over to the driver seat? i realize there may be a problem with the switches, but can this be done?
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I swapped seat cushion and leather on mine, I seem to remember the moulding of the cushion and the leather pattern being different side to side. I am planning to get an industrial sewing machine though after learning a bit about it, you can take the old covers apart and use them for a template for new ones. Then glue new foam to the old foam and done. When I did the swap I added a bunch of new foam right where your butt sits.
did you run into any fitment problems when you swapped the foam padding? what was different about the molding?
Side to side is very different from what I remember. What I did was take seat foam and leather from a LX since it was 2" deeper, and install on my steel parts since they had the aircompressor for the lumbar (SC style). The steel is the same underneath even though the seats are larger on the outside, they just made the foam larger.
I switched out the foam about 1 1/2 years ago with 93 seats. From what I remember, there was no problems. It seems like I had to take the bottom foam from the passenger side and cut out a new opening for the seat switches. I also had to switch out the seat track, but that is another story.
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