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Okay here is the deal. Last Thursday I noticed my power steering fluid was leaking, I would fill up the reservoir and half the fluid in the reservoir would leak out as I drove in about 20 minutes. I take my car to NTB and they tell me the line from the pump to the rack is bad. I get this repaired. I pick the car up Saturday evening and start the car. I have no power steering and fluid is leaking from my car rapidly. I give the car back to them. The next day they fix the problem and tell me a hose clamp was on incorrectly. They correct the situation at no cost.

So this past weekend, one week later, I start my car up on around noon. I have no power steering and all the fluid leaks in the same manner as before. I have my car towed to NTB. They call me today and tell me my pump is bad. I had the pump replaced about 3 years but that may be insignificant.

I am not that technically savvy, but I need some help here. Are they just trying to get more money out of me and get out of any accountability? BTW, 1994 T-bird V8. I just don't believe them and have little faith after all these circumstances.
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