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I am not familiar with anything beyond the 4.6.

But I did this in my effort to do the tech upgrade mentioned:

It might not appear that I did this mod with the engine installed, but I did. It was indeed a PITA, mostly getting the fitting into the pump without cross threading, that took a few tries and a few fittings to get right. The aluminum yields to the cast iron every time.
The only other thing I have is that I removed the variable assist valve. That stiffened the steering at low speeds but also removed the "mush" you can feel at low speeds. Being underdriven 25 %, it sometimes take a touch of throttle to ease the steering into action at low speeds. The end result is a more solid and linear feel to the steering. Getting rid of 5 feet of hard line and all my annoying leaks was the goal. I replaced all that hard line with 10" of stainless, a good tradeoff.
I also replaced all my front control arms, uppers, lowers, inners, outers and the rack itself. The hubs are upgraded to 94-04 Mustang as well.

Best of luck, I hope this helps.


1 - 1 of 17 Posts