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I am not familiar with anything beyond the 4.6.

But I did this in my effort to do the tech upgrade mentioned: View attachment 52095
View attachment 52098
View attachment 52096
View attachment 52093
View attachment 52097
View attachment 52094

It might not appear that I did this mod with the engine installed, but I did. It was indeed a PITA, mostly getting the fitting into the pump without cross threading, that took a few tries and a few fittings to get right. The aluminum yields to the cast iron every time.
The only other thing I have is that I removed the variable assist valve. That stiffened the steering at low speeds but also removed the "mush" you can feel at low speeds. Being underdriven 25 %, it sometimes take a touch of throttle to ease the steering into action at low speeds. The end result is a more solid and linear feel to the steering. Getting rid of 5 feet of hard line and all my annoying leaks was the goal. I replaced all that hard line with 10" of stainless, a good tradeoff.
I also replaced all my front control arms, uppers, lowers, inners, outers and the rack itself. The hubs are upgraded to 94-04 Mustang as well.

Best of luck, I hope this helps.

There is a company that maes AN fitting that thread into the rack so you do not have to use the swivel albows anymore. All my leaks from the past has been from the elbow gasket/seal that is between the elbow and the rack.
The new adapters seal perfectly without an elbow. Just a bolt head shape with the AN threading to its angle peak to connect a hose with an AN fitting to match.

Google "ford power steering rack AN fitting" and it will pull up what I am talking about. I hope that helps.
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