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Ok, I've been reading up after doing a search, but wanted some clarification.

I've got a leak coming from the Hi Pressure line going into the pump. Its leaking right where the line is screwed in. The small bracket that helps to hold it in place is AWOL.

So if my research is complete I might as well:

1) replace the entire Hi pressure line with a new one (which comes with the needed seals)

2) that missing bracket is necessary to keep this problem from showing up again (where can I find the bracket?)

3) any special tools needed or helpful? (I read the crows foot tools make it a LOT easier)

4) Just how big a chore is this to do? (just replaced the engine and am getting really tired of looking at the underside of the car while the topside collects dust, dirt, and cat footprints)

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yeah i don't have the silly bracket either... couldn't find it after the tear-down.

i wouldn't buy gates though. i got a gates and it leaks from the seal inside the end a tiny bit all the time. its possible its because the bracket is missing, but its been doing it since day one.

in fact it was much worse then, and slowed down a bit over time. i can only figure the MercV swelled the seal in the end a bit.

otherwise theirs other options like some AN adapters and braided line from the pump straight down to the rack. just make sure you get the right adapters, mine bottomed out in the pump and made a heck of a racket till i loosened it a bit >.>

and its really not too bad as long as youve done some yoga and have smaller then average hands... and that hose isnt rusted inside the elbow thing on the rack. otherwise pretty easy, though it would have been much easier with the engine out :p

and make sure you don't twist that elbow off the rack! its no longer avail anywhere but the junk yard.

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Crows-foot tools make it a lot easier, unless you have small hands and short wrenches. :)

The bracket is pretty critical, but the newer ACDelco line resists wearing out better. So far.

RA is the best place to buy decent parts...

Hey, isn't this the swivel fitting?

1996 MERCURY COUGAR 4.6L V8 SOHC Steering : Power Steering Pressure Hose

GATES Part # 349920 {#34992, 40071, 76503} 16mm Female O-Ring x 9/16" Swivel O-Ring x 4 1/4"
Tube - To Rack
+ Sold in packs of 25; Price reflects cost of each individual item, not the pack A
$0.84 ea $21.00/25
GATES Part # 349920 {#34992, 40071, 76503} 16mm Female O-Ring x 9/16" Swivel O-Ring x 4 1/4"
Tube - To Rack B
$18.19 ea $18.19/1

Heh... 84 cents each for 25 of them, but 18 bux apiece.

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