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Ok let me get this straight... they sold you the wrong pistons, even after you persisted that it might be tight. The pistons were wrong, damaged the block, and wasted your bore job, gasket set, bearings, labor and of course, the pistons. You sent them 2 or more of the failed pistons so they could inspect them. Now they won't replace the pistons with the correct ones, nor will they refund your money, nor will the even return the failed merchandise you bought from them?

Did they ever admit fault?
Did THEY request that you send in those pistons?
Did they tell you they werent going to return the pistons you sent back?
Are they offering ANY suggestions for recovery?
Have you checked for a Better Business Bureau or the like in the area of the company?
Do you know an attorney that would at least send a letter suggesting to the company that they cooperate with you? Attorney letterhead is pretty potent stuff.
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