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problem with power locks-Fixed

i took it to a body shop and for $5 bux they took out the pop rivot, reassembled the lcoking mechanism (wasnt broken, just fell apart) and repop rivited it together... works good as new now.

original problem

the other night, my pass side window guide (the one that sits vertically and on the back side of the door) fell down into the door... on the way down it did something to the power lock mechanism... we got the window guide fixed, but the power locking mechanism wont work properly. it still has power, and still will unlock the door IF you are holding it in the proper position. however, the little fork looking piece of metal and the circular guide that it goes into came disconnected and the actuator assembly itself is sitting in there loose. how do we reattatch the actuator assembly back to the door (we thought that the rivoted bolt on the outside of the door was busted and thus we couldnt get the part back in properly, HOWEVER that rivot holds the fork looking piece that slips around the little plastic washer. so we know thats not hte problem) i, for now have disconnected that actuator temporarily, but id like to get the power locks working on that side again.... thanks for the info

btw we had an 89 xr7 to look at, but couldnt figure out how to get the locking mechanism back in the proper place.
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