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95' 3.8 v6 non sc tbird

aka hall effect sensor

Trying to find a nice picture diagram of this one page refers to it as the crank sensor not sure if true or not.

Ran a scan at local store, and it spit out that as an error,

I have one diagram from Motor alldata

Then on the diagnostic chart first step..
1. "Measure resistance from PIP jack to IGN GND jack

2." measure resistance from PIP jack to ICM PWR jack

But on the diagram of the Hall effect sensor it has two parts labeled the same "profile ignition pickup" stated below.
one is PIN number 4 Circuit 395 (R/LB) [PiP B]
then the other is PIN 8 Circuit 349 (GY/Y) [PIP A] [To EEC?]

searched google for like 40 minutes and found nothing

Other thing we are considering is the fuel pump [hopefully not]
Or the throttle position sensor which we are testing tomorrow. And also cleaning the IAC

But we did find out that KOEO first prime should not be 0psi [should be 35-45] so something is up there.

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The Hall Effect Sensor is located at the top RH front of the engine, in the distributor assembly.

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