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This may be a long shot but I noticed last night that I seem to have knocked off the air filter element on my HF air compressor and I needed to use it to refill my tires (the ONE thing my Makita LXT tools can't seem to do for me).

I have this one:

In the rush to get to work after a hurried diaper change, I didn't get the chance to grab the air filter housing from my house so I can't order a replacement element from Amazon until I confirm the threading on the intake.

While the filter is shown, the threading isn't identified in the manual.
I strongly suspect it's 3/8" MPT (male NPT). I know this may be a longshot but if anyone has this air compressor, I'd love it if you folks could confirm the threading for me.

I can then buy one of these two items.

Thanks in advance.
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