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One item that has been mentioned to me on the Lemons forum is to wire in a Radiator/A-C fan override for use when you are under a yellow flag on the track or when you are parked.

Since we only have one fan, a simple review of the shop manual says I can just bring in a 12V hot wire to the High Speed contact point of the electrical fan wire.

Q: Where physically should I make this splice? At the fan connector on the side of the fan shroud or somewhere upstream?

Q: To prevent current from flowing back into the fan control circuitry (current will flow wherever the resistance is less from a higher voltage potential to a lower), should I also put in a diode on the line I cut before the point where I splice in the 12V line?

Q: Finally, if I want to disable the fan entirely for high speed running (no matter what the fan control wants), I just need to open the circuit on the ground side of the fan control, right?

I'm a little inexperienced with this kind of wiring question but I'm approaching it from an EE's perspective (vs a mechanics). My proposals make sense electrically but I just want to make sure they make sense physically on the Tbird.

Thanks in advance,
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