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Hopefully this will help the next guy.

First thing find the hose clamp and 90 line from the front. More or less where you reach up to find the oil filter. We didn't undo that hose first and slowly unthreaded both fitting from the back, because the rack would drop with both hose connected.

Second inspect the threads on the female fittings of the remanufactured rack. The first rack we had been previously been cross threaded severely. So the car stayed on the jack stands a couple days waiting on another replacement.

Finally, especially if you haven't worked on the car for several days and forgot what things looked like when you took them apart.

Make sure the hard lines haven't been bent in shipping. Like this.

The 90 ought to fit between(not around) the hard lines like this(old rack). The 90 should be straighter, too.

The bent lines can be carefully fixed though.

Something more like this.

If you route the 90 behind and around the hard lines the rack will never go up far enough to bolt in. Trust me.
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