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Ok, I've taken everything off from the wreck so far, and now I'm at a stoppnig point. I need the answers to a few things.

How do I go about getting the radiator support off the body? It looks like there is 3 spot welds on each top side, and probably more elsewhere. Do I just pop these welds and that's it??

Also, the front bumper support (the big metal thing that is hidden under the bumper cover). I need to remove this as well. It also looks to be welded onto the subframe/crushzone somehow. Is it time for a sawzall? One side is easily accessable, while the drivers is crushed to far in to get anything but possibly that or a cutting torch back there.

Never had to demolish an MN-12 before, so I'm new to the whole uni-body thing. All of my other cars have real bolts, and a real frame ;)

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