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i swapped my rear drums to disc and i have the drum spindles, i figured i'd post them here if anybody wants or needs them

have 108k miles on the spindle itself, brake shoes only have <3k miles
(changed at last oil change) spindles have no cracks dents or any defects, don't know how many miles are on the bearings but they seem to be in good shape, can't vouch for the longevity of the wheel bearing seals but i never had any problems with the brakes, the drums were already on the car when i got it 6 months ago, if anybodys interested shoot me a PM

$40+1/2 actual shipping OBO

as for refs, i have a few here i dont have any links but im sure they'll agree i was a good business partner

i have many refs on other forums (google decipha) i also have 100% feedback on ebay as user decipha504
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