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I'm not sure to post this here or in the Drivetrain forum, but I'll take a chance. Lately, there's been squeaking coming from one side of the car, and a ticking coming from the other side, but only under acceleration. This leads me to think that there's a problem with the CV joints. So, I have two questions:

1. If I'm going to do this myself, which I'm planning to do, what parts should I order (If they're still availble), And what specailty tools would I need, and where I could optain them

2. Looking at my haynes manual, the entire process looks pretty straightforward. I'll admit that I have very little mechanical background. Am I getting in over my head?

I realize I'm asking a lot, but any help would be appreciated

p.s. - Mods, if this does indeed belong in drivetrain feel free to move it, everything seemed centered on transmission over there, sorry
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