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I have really had problems with this after my complete tranny rebuild per Jerry's thesis and installed the FRPP 3.73 complete alum carrier. What are so way to help elimnate this?? I was not wanting to lower my car right now either. I was thinking pf have some custom spirings made for the rear or maybe getting some sport model spings if thy would help. Looking for some imput.

94 4.6 Thunderbird
Completely rebuilt trans per jerrys thesis.
Complete FRPP 3.73 alum carrier
Acell dis tower coils and 300M+ racewire
180 deg thermo
9 inch K&N cone in fender well
other odds and ends things i cant remember right now


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Curing HWH (Horrendous Wheel Hop)!

My 5-spd '89 XR-7 wheel hopped so bad, that the track announcer mentioned it over the loud speaker!

Installing a Lg. rear sway bar will help control Vertical wheel hop, but most of our wheel hop is fore-aft. Sway bars can't control fore-aft wheel hop.

I put in the poly diff. bushings. Can't say how much they helped, cuz my OEM rubber bushings weren't bad. They were just cheap insurance.

I also changed my 2.73 gears, for 3.27 gears. That seemed to help the most. Since you have 3.73s, you already have any benefit gained by gears.

"Manny the Inverted" found that the lower subframe isolators were the culprit in his car. He fashioned some metal plates to eliminate the isolators, which cured his HWH. After looking at my shop manual, It appears that if we could get some poly lower isolators & retain the rubber upper isolators, we'd be able to eliminate HWH. The rubber uppers should be able to provide enough isolation for a comfortable ride, while poly lowers isolators would not compress/rebound causing fore/aft wheel hop.

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