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Reataining Nut and Idle Question

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I was wondering what tool(s) to use to get the retaining nuts off the back of the tail lights so I can disconnect the LED for the tail lights.

Also I read a post about running lean, rough idle, and possible blocked cats. I recently had the 3rd cat and resonator cut off and obviously I have more emissions. Would the emissions cause rough idle. Should this be something I should be concerened about and what could I do to fix it, if there is a problem (besides putting the resonator and 3rd cat back on). Thank you all very much.
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Experience has shown.....

that you can remove the third cat and still easily pass
emissions. Also....your O2 sensors are placed for and aft
of your primary cats. There are no sensors located before
or after the third cat.
tail light disassembly

I took mine apart without special tools, just doing it very carefully. but I have to ask...why are you removing the LED bars???

if yours are burned out (never heard of that) I have some replacements.


valdnv, passenger side burned out

Yes, my passenger is burned out. I would appreciate a replacement. Please email me for my contact info, [email protected]. Thank you valdnv.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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