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Hello everyone... I have a 97 LX 3.8 with a blown head gasket...

Anyhow, I am considering replacing the engine and wanted to know a few things...

First off... I have about 3000-4000 $ to spend on this circumstance...

(1) What would it take for me to put in a mustang v6 engine, and is that a good idea? Do i need to replace the computer and tranny for this to work properly?

(2) Where can I get a good deal on a prebuilt turnkey engine? Even if it's the stock replacement.

(3) The tranny needs to be worked on as well, so I was considering a rebuild including the jerry modification + a tranny cooler, can i afford this with the engine cost? (not really sure what it will cost to do the engine work)

Ultimately, I have 4 grand or so to play with, and I have a Tbird with a blown head gasket (only real major problem) -- please help, all suggestions are greatly appreciated!!


PS = 1997 Thunderbird 3.8L n/a v6


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Motor swap...

Well it depends on what year Mustang motor you want to put in your car.

I would simply get a reman Ford motor and drop it in and go to a tranny shop and get the tranny rebuilt. I do not think you will be too happy with a performance mod with the money you have to spend.

To get some power out of that car you will have to do some serious work. A blower alone costs around 3k.
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