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Here's a quickie from my replacing the bushings on the wiper transmission on my 1991 Cougar XR7.

I haven't found the original replacement bushings, so I started with a universal bushing set from the HELP! family, so I'd have an assortment:

Turns out the ones I used, which the set had three of, were this one:

But they didn't fit as picked up. So I had to modify all three like this:

(Notice I cut two ears off, opposite each other.)

One ball had a post on it, so I had to drill out one of the caps to clear:

After the build, I checked the Dorman products site, and located these bushings by themselves:

Jeep Wiper Bushings

Well a trio you can use, and a trio you can toss, anyway.

No pictures of the work - I was too busy making it work ;)

However, I used a big screwdriver to pop the arms off, and use a moly lithium blend to lubricate the bushings.

Now my wiper blades work like they're supposed to, and stop in the exact same place every time.

The one I drilled, I drilled with a 7/64" bit to make sure there was some extra clearance.

I don't THINK that'll be a problem, but if it binds up later, I assume no responsibility for it :) I thought it might be instructive to see what others are doing.

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