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1996 Mercury Cougar XR-7
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Strut rod bushing experience running a 24 Hours of Lemons endurance race car.
Like most everyone here our team has struggled over the years to find quality strut rod bushings that would hold up to the forces while road racing the car. We had tried several of the polyurethane options only to have them crumble into dust after a few hours of track time. We were never able to find any OEM replacement bushing. Eventually we resorted to making our own bushings by using oversized washers and sandwiching as much nylon braded pressure rated rubber fuel line around the strut rod and sleeve as possible (greasing heavily for good measure). This set up would last an entire race before needing to be "rebuilt". Recently we saw that Super Coupe Performance had OEM rubber replica strut rod bushings available so we decided to give them a try. After running one race (14 hours / 800 miles) we are very happy with the results. The bushings still look new, no wear, no problems to speak of. The bushings did a good job of keeping the suspension under control during heavy braking. As we continue to race the car we will see how they hold up, but as of right now we'd recommend these to anyone still looking for strut rod bushings.

SuperCoupePerformance: Part Descriptions.
" NEW ITEM: Front Suspension OEM Rubber Replica Bushings for the Front of the Strut Rod - Set for both sides "
" SPECIAL: Front Suspension Bushings for the Rear of the Strut Rod - Set for both sides "
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