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copy/pasted from another forum. Wanting to do this this afternoon still, not getting good responses. The concept should be the same for the factory JBL thunderbirds with factory amplifiers.


I know alot of you guys have installed subs in your mark, at some time or other ..... without changing out your head unit right away. only tapped into one set of speaker wires, or all four?

I tapped into the RH rear speaker. After the amp of course. It's not working. I tapped into it twice, thinking one for left rca one for right. Or, blue and one for white .. on the scosche FAI-3A and, nothing.

It says to tap all four speakers. It's not taking into consideration a factory amplified system, I'm thinking. And, why should I have to tap into all four. Signal is signal.


Kinda spliced some info, hope it makes sense.

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