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My AOD is going out, very quickly!! :mad:

I need to get a new one pronto... I cant afford the $1500 price that Im finding all over the web for a rebuilt unit.. I may have to get rid of the car if I cant solve this problem properly..

I want to get something that is a little stronger than stock, perhaps with a thicker OD band, a shift kit and better torque converter.. but I cant go too crazy because I dont have the money for that right now...

Is it possible to get something stronger than stock, for under $700-$800?

I saw a remanufactured one on Ebay for $570.00 before shipping ($260 to ship it to me). What do you guys think of that one???

I know that most transmission rebuild kits, (even the ones from Ford) come with stronger bands, etc... should this one be that same way as well?

it has a 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty.. seems to me like $260.00 is a bit much to be paying for shipping, even for this big *** hunk of ****!!

Would I be ok, just throwing a Trans-go and nice torque converter in along with this trans?? Im running the 302 stock for a while.. I'll swap in a better trans whenever I manage to get a better small block (stroker) in there..

I have a rear end that is sitting around, so Ill probably throw that in at the same time as the trans swap to get the car out of the hole better, and work with the torque converter..
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