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My turn signals recently stopped working and all signs pointed to a bad relay. As many of you know, the "Electronic Indicator Flasher" relay on these cars is not exactly where the FSM says it is.

Searching the forums here found me no photos of anything that looked like a flasher relay near the fuse panel, so I pulled the kick panel to get a better view.

Here are two photos showing the location of the relay along with what it looks like. Do note that I have a 1995 LX. Other years or models may vary.

I decided to replace it with the EP34 relay from O'Reilly. This relay works with both conventional and LED bulbs and won't cause a hyperflash.

Tools required:
Steps to replace:
  1. Remove the three 8mm screws from the bottom of the kick panel. Gently pull the top side of the panel out of the dashboard while using caution to not break the clips.

  2. Remove the 7mm screw holding the factory relay to the body and unplug the connector. Discard the factory relay and screw.

  3. Apply a strip of 3M double-sided body molding tape to the flat side of the new relay.

  4. Plug the new relay into the connector and test the hazard lights.

  5. Affix the taped side of the new relay to the metal dashboard frame where the OE relay was located.
    Important note: It is best that you mount the new relay in the same location as the factory one. In my experience here, the relay's turn signal click resonates sound through contact with the dashboard frame. When the relay was not affixed to the frame, the click was almost inaudible.

  6. Replace the kick panel. Use caution to not over-tighten the kick panel screws.

Hope this helps someone. I uploaded the photos directly to the TCCoA Gallery so they will not disappear down the road.

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They've lost our gallery tree times, lol. I have no real hope going forward that they will be here in 5 years.
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