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After reading much hoopla about the Zaino Bros. products, we were rightfully intrigued. In an effort to provide
our Club Members with info on products and parts which are best for their cars, Mark and I obtained some of Zaino
Bros' products.

Mark is no stranger to a nice finish as you'll read below. I, on the other hand, represent nearly the other end
of the spectrum. I frequently go 2 or 3 weeks without a good hand wash job on my car. We presented Sal Zaino,
owner of Zaino Bros. and the products' creator, two very different, yet equally challenging opportunities for
the evaluation of his Show Car Polish system.

After discussing it with Mark and Sal, we've set up a group purchase discount from Zaino Bros.
Unlike the other TCCoA discounts, this is open to EVERYBODY.
This stuff is the best and I want you all to be able to get it. All you need to do is
e-mail me about it. -- Sir William

Sir William's Car

July 6, 1998

I was first introduced to Zaino's product line on their web site
[ ] and then by talking to Sal on the phone.
We discussed my car, how I treated the finish, products I've used in the past and best methods for prepping it.

The first step was to clean the car and strip all existing wax/polish off the car. This is best done with Dawn
or similar dishwashing detergent. The detergent will cut right through the wax and remove it from the finish.

Once the car was dried, I applied the Z-1 Polish Lok to the paint finish. This product goes on as easy as water.
You simply wipe it on the entire car lightly and leave it. The Polish Lok serves to enhance the molecular bond
between the subsequent coats of Z-2 Polish and your car's finish. The Polish Lok only needs to be applied initially
and then about every 6 months or so per instructions.

The Z-1 Polish Lok takes no time to dry. By the time I'd wiped down the entire car, I was ready to start with
the Z-2 Show Car Polish. Through years of trial and experimentation, Sal Zaino has arrived at the best method of
applying his product. On the top surfaces of your car (hood, roof, trunk), apply the Z-2 from front to back. On
all vertical surfaces, you'll apply it in an up and down motion. This application pattern helps to reflect the
light waves at 45 degree angles to the surface. This feature really helps outline the curves of your car (a
chemical equivalent of an automotive WonderBra???).

The Z-2 takes a short time to dry to a haze (can vary with humidity). Once dry, I simply buffed it off. This is as
good a time as any to alert you to the proper materials for product application and removal. Be sure you use 100% USA
Made Cotton applicators and brand name towels; two large bath towels should be enough to do what you need. Be sure to
buy pure white towels. Colored towels have dyes in them that *could* come off on the finish. They can be picked
up for around $8.00 each at a bath supply store. Don't buy them from discount chain stores, the quality *may*
not be as good, and your baby is worth the best, right?

Once buffed off (I'll add that this stuff requires no work to remove, it all but wipes off)
and allowed to set for a while, I sprayed on the Z-6 Gloss Enhancer following the instructions to the letter.
This means only doing small (1'x1') sections at a time. You'll start to see why the Zaino products are so good.

Since my car is white, it is very hard to show how much it shines. To try to show it, I set two colorful cups on my
trunk lid and photographed them and their reflections. You can see here in the
Before & After photos that it reflected much better after applying
Zaino Bros.' Show Car Polish.

I followed my coat of Z-6 Gloss Enhancer with another coat of Z-2 Show Car Polish. Be sure to use the same motions
to apply it as before; front to back on the top surfaces and top to bottom on the sides. Again, I waited for
the Z-2 to haze over fully and buffed it off with a clean towel being sure to turn it frequently. Hit it with another
coat of Z-6 and be prepared to see a shine and depth that rival the best you've ever seen. I'd venture to say that
my car has probably never looked as good.

I'd like to mention something else about Sal's products that I haven't seen other people talk about...his stuff
all smells good! With scents like Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Banana-Strawberry, Bubble Gum, Lemon and others, I was
hungry by the time I was done (not to mention sweaty seeing as how I did this on a 95 degree day!).

I knew my car would look good, but I am still amazed at how much reflectivity it displays now. I've never seen
reflections on my car like I do now. Even with a nice coat of road film and dust (thanks to frequent highway
construction), my car still has a nice shine beneath. I'll use his Z-7 Show Car Wash & Polish this weekend to
clean it all up before applying my 3rd and 4th coat of Show Car Polish. Then look out!

I would like to also mention that nothing sticks to this stuff. Bugs just wipe right off when you wash it. So
does tar (yuk!!! darned highway department!) and anything else you happen to get on your finish. According to Sal,
the Show Car Polish is a hard, durable, compound with tight molecular bonding. This dense interlocking of the polish
molecules makes it virtually impregnable as well as durable and long-lasting.

I'll do some more testing with some of Sal's products soon like the Glass Polish, Tire Dressing, Vinyl Dressing, etc.
I'll be adding the results of those evaluations to this page as I get them, so be sure to come back and check in.

Sir William

Doctor Nuts' Car
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