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I changed the rear springs and diff on my 95 Cougar the other day. I also had to change the passenger side sway bar end link. Would have done both of them but the store only had one.

I replaced the springs with springs that were a bit stiffer but the same height. Car drives great and feels great.

My problem.

I noticed today that my rear drivers side is a bit lower than my passenger side. When I finished the job both sides were even in height.

In the manual it says to mark the bushings in relation to the knuckle upon disassembly to avoid bushing windup. What exactly is that anyway? I marked everything and put it back into position when assembling so I'm not so sure that could be the problem.

I wouldn't think not changing the drivers side end link could be the problem.

Do the new springs need time to settle? That doesn't seem right.

Any of you have any experience with anything like this?
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