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I pulled my valved cover on the drivers side today to see if my rocker arms were lose (I know... WHAT?) because I was getting a tapping or popping noise under load. I could not remember if when I did the heads if tightened the rocker arm bolts or not... been gnawing at me ever since.

I pulled each rocker arm off and inspected it, they were all very tight like they should be when removing the bolt. Everything looked great so I put it all back together and torqued the bolts to spec.

What I am wondering is (and none of the books mention this) is the grove on the fulcrum and the raised notch on the rim of the rocker arm, are they supposed to be lined up? I never took notice until today.

I lubed all the contact points and figured after 140k it really does not matter at this point.

While I had the cover off, I tightened the exhaust manifold bolts.

The tapping/nocking/popping noise is gone so the right side manifold which was warped a bit needed to be tightened beyond spec to get it sealed better.

Thanks all.
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