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Hey folks, we're plannin another 2 day meet.
We're gonna go to Rockingham Dragway Friday Aug. 9 and do some racin, probably hit the Outback afterwards.
Then we're gonna hit Raliegh, NC Saturday Lord knows what, probably involve some cruisin, some eatin, and go kart riddin.

If you don't want to come both days, no rule saying you must, Just cause you come to the track, don't mean you gotta race, just come hang out w/us.

Usually we just get to Rockingham as soon as we can, I think they shut the staging lanes down at 10pm or so.

Specifics are still being ironed out about Saturday, if you wanna join us, respond here or email me and we'll get somethin figured out.

Andy Rhyne
Maiden, NC
[email protected]

Automatic Weapon
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....and if your Bird is faster than 14.722 in the quarter mile, you are not allowed to race. Sorry, I don't make the rules, I just follow them:D
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