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OK, this thing is really driving me nuts now.
The scoop: 1994 4.6, around 130k miles (estimate, odo's been broken for a while). Doesn't leak anything, doesn't burn oil, gets 25+ mpg, runs like a dream AFTER ABOUT 5 MINUTES. First time you start it for the day it's super rough, low-rpm, and will stall if you look at it funny. Have replaced the idle air valve, replaced and cleaned the mass air meter (and have tried others just in case this one was defective), the "T" vacuum fitting is intact, cannot find any other vacuum leaks. Threw a code the other day- "excessive EGR flow" or something to that extent, so going to check out the EGR next. The starting problem existed long before that, and in fact this is the first time the engine light has ever been on.

Is there ANYTHING else that could cause this rough starting? It ONLY does it after it sits overnight and you start it for the first time of the day. Otherwise it runs absolutely flawless (knocking on wood). Had the idea that maybe the timing chain tensioner was acting funny when the oil was drained out of it from sitting, but haven't heard that being a problem for anyone else.

Looking for ideas and/or other things to check.
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