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Hey guys I had emailed somebody from Roush here in MI about a group tour. For some odd reason this person had e-mailed me back and is in North Carolina. Im not sure if you guys are interested in this at all but I figured I would pass this on to you guys for the heck of it wheter or not its useful at all I dont know.
Well here's the e-mail I got.

Your e-mail was forwarded on to me. Depending on the number of
participants, and day and time of your arrival in the Charlotte area, I
would need to check with our "tour guide" to see if he is available.
There is no charge. While you're here, you also can go on a self-guided
tour of our museum, complete with a theater showing highlights from
years past as well as a short video of a shop tour.
Look forward to having you visit us in Concord NC. If I can help
further, let me know.

Lynn Ray
Roush Racing
4600 Roush Place
Concord NC 28027
ph: 704.720.4623
fax: 704.720.4606
[email protected]
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