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Rubber coating...

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How can this stuff be removed without messing up the panel?Is there some kind of chemical that can do it?I am changing my dash color and the pieces I got arent as nice as mine but they are the correct color I want.
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I had a green interior in my 95 and all I used was vynal paint in a spray bottle with a sponge and sprayed onto the sponge and wiped on the vynal. Worked really good. Interior is black now. (sorry I can't spell right now)
Thanks for the reply....

Thanks but I was wondering how to get the rubber coating off of the other pieces that are coated.Like the insturment cluster,the center console piece,the window&mirror switch panel and the radio bezel.I got some really good leather and vynil paint and it works really well.I already painted a spare glove box cover,panel in front of knees on divers side and the passanger door switch bezel.I just want to get that coating off since some of it on the panel I got is scratched.

I can think of two people who would know... Big Scott and Kevin P (thunderterd) unfourtunately they don't post here much.
easiest way is to pick up some cheap paint and spray it on real thick, it will act as a stripper and lift off all the layers.
Man that sucks....

I want to get this done and I cant figure out how to get this stuff off without messing up the plastic.I am going to look tomorrow and see what I can find.I am sure there is something that will take off that coating without messing up the plastic.
I've done it

it's called sandpaper, a wonderful invention. start with a rough grit (say 100) and then work your way to the finer grits, I used 100 to get the majority of the crap off, then used 160, 300, and then 600 for final smoothing. I then sprayed the paint, let it dry for about 6 hrs, sanded it down with 1000 grit, and apllied again, putting on 3 coats, gave a great finish.

<img src="">
I will try it...

Cant hurt to try it.I will give it a shot tomorrow,Thank You Shadow Dragon.
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