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At the NASA HPDE event there. National Auto Sport Assosciation, High Performance Driving Event. I just came back from one in Penn, what a blast!
For $175, you get an hour or two of classroom time, and 4 1/2 hour on track sessions in your car with an instructor. You get to run your car on one of the most challenging road courses in the country, with professional coaching. And one they sign off on you, you can tear around by yourself. You'll learn alot about driving the hell outa your car, and you'll have a great time. I'd like to see more Mn12's out at the next one, so would the orgaizer, he used to have one. There's is a 10 % discount for groups over 5. Any questions? ask here, others might have the same questions. Also, check out the site:
I'll be there:D
october 4th, 7am-6pm'ish
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